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For over 25 years of successful real-estate market positioning, we have accumulated a vast experience within the process of construction and investment.

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The company has more than 40 residential and administrative buildings built in the most prestigious areas of Sofia city predominantly in the Lozenets area.

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Черни връх

Apart from residential buildings, for the period of several years, 5 office buildings of class A have been built and put into operation.

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Construction company “Art E Stroy” Ltd. possesses vast experience within the process of construction and investment. The manager of the company is engineer Emil Terziev. Since the year of 1993, thirty-nine residential and administrative buildings were built in the most prestigious areas of Sofia under his leadership. Company’s subject of activity covers both the construction of residential and administrative buildings along with lease of residential and office spaces.

Our primary goal is to meet the needs of all our clients- private and corporate, while completely fulfilling their requirements in the shortest possible time. Our team has always demonstrated honesty and care for the client, striving for long-term presence and maintaining an excellent reputation on the real estate market. Our work is entirely recognized as part of the luxurious segment of the market as the properties we offer are in the most prestigious areas of the capital city.

Srebarna 18 is already under construction

The project will be fully completed in 2022. All of the utilized materials and systems are in accordance with the highest quality standards for the residential type of construction. Srebarna 18 could be characterized as a modern and functional residential building with an attractive façade and excellent location.


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